• The Tax System in Denmark

    Personal income taxation Tax residents are taxed on their world wide income. The regular tax system is based on progressive taxation with rates up to approx. 55 %. The [...]
  • The special expat taxation has been changed from 1. January 2018. The special flat rate taxation has been increased to 27 % (from 26 %). The effective taxation is now including the 8 % AM-tax increased to 32,84 % (from 31,92 %). Further, it is now [...]

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  • Having Danish tax liability either as a tax resident or as a limited tax liable in Denmark you should consider obtaining tax advice since the tax system and the tax rules are [...]
  • An annual final tax return is to be filed each year normally at 1 May in the following year at the latest. Tax returns for indviduals with special circumstances will [...]