• The tax system in Denmark

    Tax residents are taxed on their world wide income. The regular tax system is based on progressive taxation with rates up to approx. 55 %. The personal income tax computation [...]
  • tax return in the corona-year
    In some moments 2020 is a year that many of us would like to delete completely. But that’s not possible – nor is it possible taxwise. On the contrary the corona crisis [...]
  • preliminary tax return 2020
    Have you been posted outside Denmark or into Denmark? Have you purchased a real property outside Denmark? Have you been working across borders? Or have you had income from [...]
  • Danish tax return 2019
    The annual final tax return for 2019 can be filed from 9. March 2020 and must be filed before 1 May 2020 or 1 July 2020 depending on your tax status on your preliminary tax [...]
  • The special expat taxation has been changed from 1. January 2018. The special flat rate taxation has been increased to 27 % (from 26 %). The effective taxation is now [...]
  • When relocating to Denmark you become tax resident if you have an abode available in Denmark or if you stay in Denmark for a consecutive period exceeding 6 months. Tax [...]

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  • Having Danish tax liability either as a tax resident or as a limited tax liable in Denmark you should consider obtaining tax advice since the tax system and the tax rules are [...]
  • An annual final tax return is to be filed each year normally at 1. May in the following year at the latest. Tax returns for indviduals with special circumstances will [...]